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Venture X was founded in Naples, FL in 2012. In 2016, Venture X began franchising as part of United Franchise Group (UFG).

Venture X is way more than just an office space, A place where businesses launch, develop and grow. Venture X franchisees simply provide the modern work space and members buy private memberships, giving them access to open areas or private offices, whichever they prefer.

Why VentureX

This turnkey opportunity encompasses everything you need to launch your business, with expert guidance and support with you every step of the way. Venture X offers a unique range of profitable centres including community membership fees, conference room & Event Space rentals and membership fees on shared space & private offices. It’s unique combination of open space mixed with higher revenue private offices allows for higher income opportunities. Our diverse membership profiles create daily opportunities for organic networking, mentoring and learning across the full spectrum of business.

As a Venture X franchisee, you can provide people with a rich work environment where they can interact, brainstorm, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Venture X goes above and beyond for our franchisees. Not only is partnering with us a better option than going it alone, but we also offer even more benefits than many other franchises – especially when it comes to the site selection process.

We work hand-in-hand with our franchisees to help them find or build up the perfect location in their area. Of course, Venture X also offers many other avenues of support including a marketing plan and materials, sales plans and processes to find and sign members, comprehensive training for you and your staff and much more.


One of the biggest benefits to owning a Venture X franchise is the unparalleled training and support we provide.

Initial Training

Our training process is comprehensive and ensures that you have access to the tools that will prove essential for success in your location.
You will begin your journey as a Venture X franchisee with a full week of in-house training at our corporate headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Start-Up Support

After you complete your initial week of intensive training in Florida, you’ll return to your location to prepare for your launch. A corporate representative will then come to your location to provide further on-site training support through community development, operations and marketing set ups.

Marketing Support

We also provide innovative marketing plans that include a multi-channel approach focusing on your local market and are specifically designed to pre-fill as many spaces as possible before your doors even open.
Grand opening planning assistance, PR campaigns, online marketing solutions, printed materials and event planning are just some of what you can expect from our in-house marketing team.

On-Going Support

The co working franchise training and support don’t end there! Even after you complete your initial training you will have access to training videos, live webinars and an in-depth franchise operations manual, based on tried and true practices.
You will be invited to attend various regional meetings and national conventions to keep you abreast of such industry happenings.


Why is Venture X the Franchisor for Me?

There are many great reasons to choose Venture X, but one of the most compelling is that our business model has already proven itself effective. Since 2012, we have opened more than 40 locations and have signed agreements for more than 130+ locations in more than 30 countries, with more opening their doors all the time.

On one end of the spectrum are conventional office buildings with expensive leases, fluorescent lighting, and drab cubicles. On the other end are play-while-working co-working facilities with amenities like indoor putting greens, beer on tap, and other features that can be distracting to the dedicated professional. Our facilities have to be seen to be believed, designed by world-renowned architects and furnished with the latest in high-end office tables and chairs. Venture X franchises are comfortable and accessible to anyone who’s looking for a flexible place to work.

New business owners spend inestimable time and money establishing the most efficient business model they can. Venture X gives franchisees the resources to hit the ground running.

The exact investment will vary depending on factors like size and location. In total, many of our franchisees spend between $850k-$3.6 million before any real estate concessions or financing options on their coworking space franchise. Investors should expect to have at least $500,000 in liquid capital to qualify.

The coworking spaces franchise industry is relatively new, so just about everyone who invests today is somewhat new to the field. We provide our franchisees with comprehensive training, so we don’t require them to come into the business with prior experience. The training consists of one (1) week of in-house training and two (2) weeks of on-the-job training in the field.

Take some time to review our website. Here, we’ve compiled information on many aspects of the investment. If you’re still interested, reach out to us and request a copy of the franchise disclosure document (FDD)! We’ll also set up a time to meet and get to know each other better.

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This exciting franchise opportunity begins with a simple discussion. Let’s talk about your future plans and how Venture X might be a part of it.

This exciting franchise opportunity begins with a simple discussion. Let’s talk about your future plans and how Venture X might be a part of it.

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