Broker Referral

Your Clients Will Love Working Here

As more businesses adopt hybrid, coworking, and flexible schedules, Venture X’s flexible pro working (professional coworking) spaces are a perfect solution to meet your clients’ needs. Our variety of flexible office plans are designed to grow with their business.

The upscale, well-appointed options Venture X provides are great solutions for everything from an entrepreneur looking to establish a home base to a company that needs immediate disaster recovery, short-term swing or hold-over space, and longer-term incubation space. Our simple yet optimal solutions are perfect for your clients’ ever-changing needs. Additionally, we offer our Broker Referral Program with residuals and reciprocal referrals.

Venture X Features Include:

You can rest assured that our professional environment is one you’ll feel comfortable sending your clients to.

Why Brokers Should Consider Venture X

We Offer A Ton Of Flexibility

Flexible Space

We grow with members as they grow. They can start out with a community or dedicated desk for one person, and they can work with our staff to find the next level of space to meet their changing needs.

Flexible Terms

We offer month-to-month options for up to 2 years. Suppose you have a prospect who isn’t interested in committing long term but is facing a 3-to-5-year commitment requirement from traditional landlords. In that case, we can provide them a perfect solution with our flexible terms.

Flexible Solutions

We provide office solutions for 1 to 100 people with available buildout options. In addition, we offer a variety of solutions that include additional products, from community memberships to a full-time dedicated office membership.

Flexible Hold Over Space

If a broker client has temporary space needs while their long-term space is being constructed or built out, we are a perfect solution with our variety of swing spaces and short-term options.

Flexible Multi-Location Access

We offer our members the ability to have access to all Venture X locations worldwide.

Flexible and Quick Decisions

Each location is individually and locally owned, so any decisions on deals for broker clients can be made quickly and easily.

Flexible Credit Terms

We do not have the same credit terms as typical/traditional landlords. If a broker client can’t meet the credit-worthy requirements due to poor credit — no problem. Venture X doesn’t perform credit checks and only requires a first and last month’s rent upfront.

Brokers Know That We Offer The Most Community Engagement

We help brokers’ members grow by putting them in a professional environment with like-minded business owners.

We offer networking opportunities with professional networking groups, Lunch & Learns, coffee power hours, and seminars.

Our members have access to connect, promote, and network with all Venture X members throughout the nation and globally via the online members portal.

We Offer Brokers The Best For The Most

Matured Business Referrals

Once the referral has grown beyond our space capacity, we will refer the member back to the broker to find a more traditional space. As a business, our members’ satisfaction is our priority, and we also want to ensure the broker is able to earn additional commissions once they find traditional larger commercial properties for their clients.

Ease of Referral

When providing us a lead, we offer as much involvement as the broker is comfortable with. The broker can be involved throughout the process or simply pass along the client’s name, phone number, and email to us, and we will handle the contact, the tour, and the closing and then provide payment.

Additional and Reciprocal Referrals

There are times that we can’t meet our prospective members’ space needs. When this happens, we look to our Venture X broker partners to refer the business. We pride ourselves on assisting prospective members by connecting them to the RIGHT broker to work with to find the RIGHT solution. Additionally, if a broker’s member outgrows their space at Venture X, we refer the member back to that broker, ensuring their book of business never runs dry.

Commissionable Opportunities

We pay 10% commissions on total contract value up to 12 months. In some locations, we have additional incentives such as gift cards or additional payouts.

Prompt Commission Payment

Once a client signs the license, funds the agreement, and pays any fees, the broker’s commission will be mailed or delivered within 10 business days, along with any other additional incentives earned. Venture X knows that you work hard for your money: we offer competitive, transparent commission rates.

With Our Incentives, You Can

  • Receive 10% of membership fees as per agreement term on months 1-12
  • Receive payment within 10 days of client signing and funding a membership agreement.

If you’re ready to learn more about Venture X and the future of workspace, get in touch with us today to see how you can submit a referral now.